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The Okanagan Similkameen Parks Society was formed in 1966 and has the following aims
Area covered by OSPS
  • To work for the acquisition and preservation of parklands, especially in the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys, for the health, recreation, education and natural enjoyment of the public; to seek preservation of habitat for wildlife, and protection of natural biotic areas for scientific study.
  • To acquire lands suitable for parks or for scientific, wildlife or natural reserves, and to hold them until they can be permanently entrusted to a suitable agency.
  • To raise funds for these purposes.
  • To evoke public awareness of the quality of life, and appreciation of the beauty and wonders of the natural environment.

The Society believes in the paramount importance of involving the private citizen in the preservation of wild lands, and through its membership provides an opportunity for this, and has received wide public support.

The present is a crucial time. In the face of fast increasing population, conservation of lands is not to be lost to us and become but a memory of the Canada that was.

Although named a Parks Society, and successful in getting several provincial parks established Cathedral Park; Conkle Lake Park; and Okanagan Mountain Park; its concepts are far wider than parks, as demonstrated by the purchase of 800 acres of winter rangeland for the endangered California Bighorn Sheep at Vaseux in 1966, and the recommendations to the Ecological Reserves Committee that a reserve be placed on arid and marsh lands at the head of Osoyoos Lake. It recognizes that recreation and conservation are so wide in scope as to encompass and embrace many forms. It supports and works with other naturalists and conservationists, and all levels of government in their endeavours to this end.

Experienced in conservation presentation to the government, the Parks Society has a board for 14 directors; it welcomes active membership, and appeals for financial support.

The Okanagan Similkameen Parks Society is registered as a charitable organization in Canada, and issues receipts for income tax purposes.

History of the OSPS

Board of Directors

OSPS directors
The Okanagan Similkameen Parks Society directors

Left to right:
Anne Davidson, Mary Trainer, Sheila White, Don Guild, Clive Johnson and Mike Meheriuk
Ian Graham, OSPS Chair

Missing: John Bremmer, Bill Johnston

Photo: Donna Graham

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