Join us April 26th for the 59th Annual General Meeting

View of Osoyoos Lake looking North (credit: Tamara Jensen)

Our society works to acquire and create parklands for the health, recreation, education and natural enjoyment of the public, to seek preservation of habitat for wildlife, and to protect natural biotic areas for scientific study.

Using a quote from Harley Hatfield (1905-2000), a founding member of our society, it says it all:

“It is a particularly fine area for the training of youth. Here they can learn that life can be interesting without roads and gasoline and get that independence and freedom of spirit that comes with travelling on your own feet and carrying all the necessities of life on your own back.”

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Mariposa Lily (credit: Jeremy Hiebert)

Raccoon (credit: Jeremy Hiebert)

Hardy Falls, Peachland (credit: Jeremy Hiebert)