Birch trees (credit: Jeremy Hiebert)

Combustion of Aboveground Wood from Live Trees in Megafires, CA, USA

Written by Mark E. Harmon, Chad T. Hanson and Dominick A. DellaSala
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Timber Mining the Hedley Creek Headwaters at Brent Mountain Park, BC

Critical Review & 1984 – 2020 Timelapse

YouTube video, by Will Koop.

Released on August 30, 2020


Trekking Through History

A documentary on the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) Heritage Brigade Trail – created by Erick Thompson, supported by OSPS.

Filmmaker Erick Thompson explores the HBC Trail and takes viewers back in time. Originally a First Nations route for hunting and trade, the HBC Trail played a key role in British Columbia’s early development. Trekking Through History includes rare film footage taken in 1971 during the retracing of the trail.

Since 2009, significant progress has been made in re-opening this historic fur trail over the Cascades. Hikers and horseback riders can now enjoy a continuous wilderness trail that spans 74 kms, between Hope and Tulameen.

Preserving Our Natural and Cultural Heritage

This article appeared in the Okanagan Historical Society’s 77th annual report published in 2013.

by Sheila White and Bill Johnston
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Is Everything All Right Up There?

Clear cutting and slash burning in mountain watersheds is standard practice in British Columbia. But is it suitable for the water-dependent Okanagan, Kettle and Similkameen Valleys?
Written by John Woodworth MRAIC13.3 MB PDF file